With Warm Glow Spray Tan, you get results. Our custom tanning solution is derived from the DHA in Sugar Beets which is how Warm Glow Spray Tan is able to offer you such a deep, bronze coloring. Long ago, DHA used to be derived from Carrots, which is why spray tans truly came out orange during the 80’s. As spray tanning became more popular, a chemical man-made DHA was configured, and is what is used in most spray tan salons today. However, the chemicals are what cause the traditional horrible smell and even though it’s man-made, traditional spray tan solution is still orange tinted, not to mention unhealthy for your skin. At Warm Glow Spray Tan, our solution is 100% organic and has no harsh smell! As a bonus, our spray tanning machine literally blows warm air on you as we spray you (hence “warm” in Warm Glow) – unlike other salons where you are freezing cold with goose bumps! This technique not only warms you up, but drys you faster! You will leave our salon dry, with a deep bronze tan, free of  unpleasant smells, and with organic yummy nutrients on your skin! What more could you ask for!?
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